Nomad Navi & Calivania Team Up For Mesmerizing Synth Wave Single “Blood Moon”

Nomad Navi is an electronic music producer and DJ from the San Francisco Bay Area whose sound is composed of retro synths, dark aggressive basses, and mid-tempo dance rhythms. At an early age, he developed an interest in electronic music, often recreating his favorite songs on his piano -keyboard naturally paving his way to music production.

His latest single “Blood Moon” sees this talented producer linking up with Calivania for their mesmerizing synth wave single “Blood Moon” that’s utterly irresistible. Packed with catchy vocal melodies, pumping synth chords, and a 80’s esque beat, “Blood Moon” feels like a timeless track that is much of a hit today as it could have been 30 years ago.

“The nostalgia of the ’80s has always been a place of inspiration for me, and I wanted to capture that essence in this track. Calivania‘s ethereal vocals seemed to complement the synthwave soundscape perfectly. Her voice breathed life into the music, adding an otherworldly dimension.”Nomad Navi

Listen below!