Neo4ic Sets A Small Business Precedent By Donating Masks To San Diego Homeless | Your EDM

In times like these, it’s incredibly important for the community to band together and combine their resources for the greater good of humanity. Neo4ic, from one of the creators of Damascus Apparel has done just that. They have produced an exceptional activated carbon filter mask, and for every one sold they will be donating one to the San Diego Homeless Daycenter. We at YourEDM decided to have a chat with Founder Nate Khouli, to discuss specifics.

Tell us a bit about your role in the community, and why you felt the need to switch Neo4ic into an asset to help the global crisis?

“For the past 10 years I’ve spent my time producing clothing and digital work for festivals / raves, labels and artists under my brand Damascus and now Neo4ic ( pronounced neo-four-ik ).  

Neo4ic is my first project that will make a measurable difference for improvement through quarterly giving campaigns.
The brands foundation is built on the concept: Love will save us from an ugly world.  
With the current state we’re in, it’s vital that those who have powers to contribute, use them for good.”    

Why the decision to gift these to the homeless, rather than the Hospitals/staff?

“I believe that the homeless are significantly overlooked… It’s not a glamorous or facebook-trendy cause – and it’s one of the most difficult problems to solve. They have no money so there’s not much incentive for bigger business to help. Communication is problematic, a lot of homeless struggle with mental illness, drug addiction,  physical health issues and have been disregarded by society. 
Our thoughts are that, there’s already help going directly to hospitals, the masks we are selling aren’t accepted by them anyways…but, if we commit some time and energy to some of the most vulnerable and hurt people, far less will need to go to the hospital.”

-Will you have anything else in your scope after this, to further assist the global pandemic?

“In 2019, I started a Facebook group called The Nexus – and it’s filled with a range of creatives from all over the world. We decided last October that we are going to share ideas to produce shirts
that give to causes, ongoing – Our first successful project we produced a shirt that donated all profits to bee conservation. ( as voted upon in the group )

Every couple months we will launch a new project that will have a giving mechanism behind it to make immediate impact…Right now, its the masks.”

Tell us a bit about the engineering of them, you mentioned they were PM2.5 filtered masks? 

“The masks are standard: Made out of a cotton / polyester shell, using a PM2.5 activated carbon filter that’s replaceable, with adjustable ear straps to keep it tight on the face.
The goal with the masks is to get them on as many faces as possible in the streets.
Right now just off our 1 facebook post we are set to give 3000 masks on April 15th to 4 shelters around San Diego.”

-Lastly, any final words for the good people of Your EDM?

“Because of this virus, when the dust settles, I truly feel we as a whole community will be walking out of this with so much more empathy.
We will appreciate our time with friends and family and value the opportunities we have to celebrate together. I’m working on this myself, but the most important part is that we try our best to limit how much social media we intake, because it makes us lose patience with each other, it makes us bitter, it makes us scared and it makes us angry. Now more than ever we need to focus on taking care of our loved ones and those that can’t help themselves.

There’s light at the end of this tunnel. As long as we use our powers for good.
Love will save us from an ugly world.”

You can check the product here: