Miami Goes 7 Weeks Without Homicide, Sees Decrease In Other Crimes During Pandemic

Crime rates have reportedly dropped drastically nationwide as Stay At Home orders related to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic have kept people indoors.

This is certainly a silver lining for places like Miami. The city has officially gone seven weeks without any reported homicide for the first time since 1957. That year, the city went nine weeks and three days without any homicides.

“We can say that it’s due to our [high] police visibility, attributed with the pandemic and the Stay At Home order,” a spokesperson for the Miami Police Department said.

In Miami, other forms of crime have decreased as well, including domestic violence calls. However, Miami Police Chief Jorge Colina is concerned such claims may go underreported during this time.

Tony Raggs with the Alliance of Local Service Organizations put it this way — “We’re fighting the pandemic, and we’re fighting the epidemic. The epidemic being violence.”

More on Miami’s crime report here.


Source: CBS News