KSHMR Steps Up His Game with First Ever Production Plug-In

KSHMR has just released “KSHMR Essentials,” the first artist plugin available on Splice, as well as the first plugin from KSHMR himself. Designed by the man himself, this exclusive plugin puts the award-winning musician’s favorite signal chains at musicians’ fingertips.

“I’m really hoping that KSHMR Essentials helps get the custodial part of production out of the way and helps you focus on the core part of making music: great ideas,” the producer says. “I think for some of the young producers out there, this will help them skip through some of the fluff of transient design.”

He will give the world a first look at this brand-new plugin with an exclusive demo on SpliceTV (streamed live via Twitch), today at 2p PST / 5pm EST.

Check out the plugin HERE. “KSHMR Essentials” is available to producers for $4.99/month for 20 months after a free 3-day trial through Splice Rent-to-Own.


Photo via Rukes.com