Italian Filmmaker Insists He's Still In Talks with Daft Punk to Score, Despite Label Saying Otherwise

We may not be hearing from Daft Punk in their usual form anytime soon — but filmmaker Dario Argento insists he’s in negotiations with the iconic dance duo for an upcoming project.

Argento, known as the “Master of the Thrill” and the “Master of Horror,” recently revealed to Italian publication Repubblica that he hopes to enlist in Daft Punk for the score of his new film Occhiali NeriWhile the project probably wouldn’t require the masked DJs to make a hit like “One More Time,” it would be fascinating to hear their perspective in collaboration with Argento.

However, following the news, the producers gave a not-so-optimistic statement — “There has been no agreement nor discussions between both parties.”

But, Argento is persistent — “They haven’t denied it. It was their record label, which I had not talked to. I only spoke to the Daft Punk, and they called me back.”

In another interview, he stated, “It will be up to the record label to decide whether to accept or not. Maybe they are thinking about money matters, I don’t know.”

According to IMDb, the film is in the pre-production stage.

We’ll see about all this…


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