IMMUNITY Is Taking The Scene By Storm With New Song “Trainwreck”

All the way from Nuremberg, Germany, IMMUNITY is at it again with an all-new mesmerizing track titled “Trainwreck.” Displaying their talent for the world to see, the band does not shy away from world spotlights and attention. The track is the perfect combination of all the right ingredients that make a song a hit.

The band behind the hit single “Trust The Algorithm” is venturing into new fields and cutting waves to reach the top. Their new track was also matched with a compelling music video that perfectly shows off their unparalleled talents. The scenes are the perfect rendition of the genre, style, and overall aura of the track. It boasts a sort of dark and mysterious vibe, pushing the video to become a definite must-watch.

IMMUNITY is spewing off feelings, moods, and emotions, creating the perfect song to let yourself loose and explore. The band’s varied methods of music production and Dominik Maiser’s talented vocals have created a definite buzz in the industry.