GUZ introduces Cherry Tooth to Sink or Swim label with new single

The world of electronic music welcomes new-comer artist Cherry Tooth as he debuts his first single with GUZ’s label Sink or Swim.

While Cherry Tooth’s sound doesn’t confine to a specific subgenre, his focus is on crafting tracks that are undeniably enjoyable and full of life. Blurring the lines between the dance floor and cozy confines of home, “Way Too Good” is a testament to Cherry Tooth’s distinct artistic vision. Seamlessly blending elements of house, bassline and more, Cherry Tooth has crafted a refreshing vocal house single that is undeniably catchy. 

Based in Seattle, “Way Too Good” marks a significant milestone in the Cherry Tooth’s musical journey, representing years of dedication and unwavering commitment to his craft. Having benefited from mentorship of renowned industry luminaries J Worra and Jon Pegnato, Cherry Tooth has worked to hone his skills to perfection. With his unique sound and genre-defying 

approach, Cherry Tooth is set to leave an impressive mark on the electronic music scene.