Haim – “Home”

Today’s the big day: Barbie, the nonstop promotional campaign of the summer, culminates in an actual movie you can see in theaters (before or after Oppenheimer, of course). Barbie: The Album is also out today, which means we get to hear some of the anticipated tracks that were not shared in advance. Last night Tame Impala’s “Journey To The World” leaked out a few hours early, and now it’s time to spotlight “Home,” Haim’s contribution to the film. I haven’t seen Barbie yet, but my understanding is that “Journey To The Real World” soundtracks Barbie’s journey to the real world. So does “Home,” which finds Danielle Haim repeatedly singing, “I’m going home/ Take me home,” play when Barbie is going back home? A mystery that can only be solved on the silver screen! Good song though. Listen below.

And here’s the whole album if you’re curious:

Barbie: The Album is out now on Atlantic.