Deadmau5 Has Been Working On A New Album In Quarantine, Releasing "Imminently"

Deadmau5 has never been shy about enjoying his time staying at home. With a state of the art studio, plenty of computing power for personal projects and video games, and more, there is plenty to occupy his time.

In a new interview with Niagara Falls Review, he says,”I’m getting really used to going into my little home-built studio, performing a DJ set for three hours, walking two feet the other way and just passing out on the couch and hanging out with (my wife) Kelly. No sweaty night club vibes, no having to see what’s open at four in the morning so I can get a snack before I go to bed.”

He continued, “I mean, I’ve been practicing social distancing since 2004. I got this down.”

Since he’s been staying at home, he’s done a couple live streams here in there, including ones with Amazon Music and his BSOD collaborator Steve Duda. He also tells NFR that he has a lot of new music ready to go, as well as a new album that is “imminent” for release.

“Times are changing but no sense crying about it. It’s just finding new ways to keep established and keep a business moving,” he says of his label, mau5trap. “We have over 27 employees that count on the company and the decisions that we make to keep them employed.”

So stay tuned for new deadmau5 music soon, and hopefully the Cube v3 gets back on the road before we know it.


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