Daft Punk’s “Alive” Pyramid Wins Official LEGO Contest

Last month, we reported that a father and son duo had entered LEGO’s “Music to Our Ears!” competition with their own imaginative redesign of Daft Punk’s Alive 2007 pyramid stage. Now, the winners have been announced and the pyramid stands on top.

With a total of 2109 fan votes, just 183 more than the second place finisher, Patrick Harboun & his son, who entered the contest under the name RobotRock, were named the winners.

All of the top 9 placers are currently going through Product Reviews. None of them were guaranteed an official design upon winning, but the review is the first step on that process. ”

“As you may already know, all of these 9 entries are currently going through a Product Review regardless of how many votes each entry got! We would love to update you, however we’re still working away and which of these entries (if any) are to be turned into an official product.”

Stay tuned to see if the Daft Punk stage becomes an official LEGO box set!