Chemical Warfare Expert Says You Should "Never Get In A Pool In Las Vegas"

Las Vegas is reopening, along with its signature poolside venues and parties — but how safe/sanitary are the pools to begin with?

Interestingly enough, biological warfare expert Dan Kaszeta has been speaking out on the subject. He recently sounded off on Twitter as to why people should “never get in a pool in Las Vegas.”

“Don’t even touch the water,” he warned.

Years back, Kaszeta sent some Las Vegas pool water from a “major hotel” in for testing, only to find “Alarming levels of Giardia and Cryptosporidium, both highly resistant to chlorine. A huge number of metabolites from human urine. Fecal matter, human, mammal, and avian. Trace amounts of cocaine, ketamine, and several different opiates,” and more.

Years later, same results — “same shit, different year,” he said.

Although properly maintained public pools with the average amount of chlorine should kill off unwanted bacteria and even coronavirus (COVID-19), Kaszeta’s expert opinion is still 10/10 would not recommend.

Read the entire, horrifying account below.


Source: IFL Science | Photo via Michael Gray