ANNA unveils a healing and meditative album with “Intentions”

The talented Brazilian DJ and producer ANNA, globally recognized for her hypnotic and impactful approach to techno, has released her highly anticipated new album “Intentions.” Combining her passion for electronic music and the quest for sounds that transcend the dance floor, ANNA dives into a unique sonic world filled with positive energy and X.

With over 20 years of career, starting to play in the countryside of São Paulo at the age of only 15, ANNA has gained international acclaim and recognition outside of Brazil for her unique and avant-garde approach to electronic music. She moved to Lisbon to be closer to the European electronic music circuit, a scene that she had deeply fallen in love with, and vice versa. As a result, her tracks were released by major record labels such as Kraftek, Diynamic, Suara, Circus, Octopus, among others.

Ana Lídia Miranda has won a loyal following and continues to raise industry standards with her unparalleled innovation and passion, accumulating remarkable achievements in her career and performing at some of the world’s biggest festivals and clubs, including Coachella, RiR, Ultra Miami, etc.

“Intentions” represents a new artistic direction for ANNA, exploring the boundaries of ambient music and creating an emotionally stimulating journey for listeners. Each track is carefully crafted to convey a specific feeling and intention, allowing listeners to immerse themselves in a transformative sonic experience. From ethereal and introspective compositions to hypnotic rhythms and captivating melodies, “Intentions” is an invitation for the mind, body, and soul to reconnect through music and sound healing.

To accompany the album release, ANNA has launched a fascinating mini-documentary on YouTube titled “Journey to Intentions.” The documentary offers an intimate look into the album’s creation and the inspiration behind each track. Additionally, the documentary will be subtitled in Portuguese, allowing Brazilian fans to delve even deeper into the experience and understand the depth of ANNA’s intentions in creating her masterpiece.

Returning to her Brazilian roots, ANNA has been chosen to perform at the highly anticipated return of Tomorrowland festival in Brazil in October 2023. She will be the only artist playing all three days of the festival, on different stages and with many surprises yet to be announced. With her electrifying presence and impeccable technique, ANNA promises to provide an unforgettable experience for Brazilian fans, taking them on a unique and transcendental sonic journey.

“Intentions” is now available on all major streaming platforms, and the documentary “Journey to Intentions” is available on YouTube.