The Curious Case of Metanoia Music

From the ever joyous fronts of Dance music, it is not but a common misconception to perceive the industry being similarly positive on all ends. With any business that churns on profits and gains, there are many branded entities who take undue advantage of their participants (listeners and artists alike) to get extra revenues. We have one such particular intriguing case here involving Metanoia Music, a name perhaps many readers are familiar with.

There was a time when suggestion for quality Festival music (Big Room, Progressive House and more) would elicit mention of Metanoia Music from any devoted fan: having various releases from names like Paris Blohm (“Save Us” featuring ENOK), Seth Hills (“Lethal” with Pitchback), John Christian (“WHAT”) and various other reputed aliases in EDM, the imprint racked millions of streams and stood out competently alongside other contestants like Revealed Recordings and Mainstage Music.

Yet today, only a hollow remnant of that blazing emblem remains. After it fell out of the public eyes with an unexplainable re-branding done sometime last year, there are multiple allegations being thrown at Metanoia. After stumbling upon one specific artist’s frustrations online, we talked with others who had been duped, further testified by a former intern at the mentioned company.


Complaints range from botted plays and unethical inorganic promotions, unresponsive A&R team to artists not being paid their royalties. While most evidence we gathered was word of the mouth, there is no denying that shady activities are occurring at Metanoia. They have also deleted their SoundCloud, which adds up to their recently blamed behavior. Past releases of theirs are being taken down while new ones are being released without proper contractual obligations, as if a completely different set of individuals have seized operations of the label. One now resigned insider we talked to also indicated that the team, and we quote, “just treated themselves before the artists all the time”. Reeks of greedy mismanagement, doesn’t it?

While we can’t name any personality directly involved in the misdoings, or the sources that attest to these claims, the public reading this article can surely put two and two together. In all, Metanoia Music has far deviated from being a successful music publishing venture to a forgettable trademark with red flags.

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