The Blessed Madonna & Todd Edwards – “Fuck what u heard”

The Blessed Madonna, the London-based dance producer formerly known as the Black Madonna, has been cranking out a string of collaborative singles lately, like “Serotonin Moonbeams” with Uffie and “We Still Believe” with Jamie Principle. Today, the Blessed Madonna has extended that streak by teaming up with Todd Edwards, the legendary and enigmatic New Jersey producer, for a new single.

Todd Edwards’ chopped-up vocal fragments were a huge influence on dance music from the ’90s on, and he famously sang on the Daft Punk tracks “Face To Face” and “Fragments Of Time.” (Daft Punk just shared studio audio from the sessions that produced the latter track.) On the new song “Fuck what u heard,” Todd Edwards sings once again. It’s a slamming dance track where the Blessed Madonna mixes Edwards’ original vocals with a sample of “What Goes Around,” the UK garage track that Ray Hurley released in 1999. Here’s what the Blessed Madonna has to say about the track:

It’s sort of everyone’s dream to work with Todd Edwards, right? What rational person with ears wouldn’t dream of a day with Todd the God. Well, I got more than I could have asked for. Todd’s vocal on this record came with a lesson on Todd’s signature method of microsampling and possibly the greatest hugs I’ve ever received in my life. Todd is not just a great artist, he’s a great friend and the love and admiration that I have for him, along with Big Hen from Joy Anonymous and my partner Pat Alvarez really shines through in this record.”

Listen below.