Stream Barcelona Quartet Belgrado’s Cold, Precise, Mesmerizing Synthpop LP Intra Apogeum

Belgrado hail from present-day Barcelona, but you could be forgiven for assuming they were operating out of Soviet-era Eastern Europe. The band’s new album Intra Apogeum comprises eight mesmerizing tracks so authentically 1980s that I almost can’t believe it’s brand new. It so thoroughly immerses itself in the sound of early ’80s post-punk, new wave, and synthpop that I want The Americans to come back on the air so they can anachronistically sync something from this album.

It helps that singer Patrcyja Proniewska is from Warsaw and therefore has the cold, deadpan vocal presence in her blood. But the other three members of Belgrado — drum machine and synth dude Jonathan Sirit, guitar and synth guy Fernando Marquez, and bassist Louis Harding — have tuned in directly to the frequencies of the nuclear anxiety era. (OK, one of the nuclear anxiety eras.) It’s sparse and clinical and propulsive and catchy, and the more I dig into it, the more I love it.

Stream Intra Apogeum below.

Intra Apogeum is out now on La Vida Es Un Mus.