The Bar-Kays’ Original Singer Larry D Finally Releases Solo Album: Sincerely Yours, Larry D

Larry D, the lead original singer of the famous 70s band The Bar-Kays is back with a solo album in authentic r&b style. Titled Sincerely Yours, Larry D, the multi-gold and platinum-selling singer, songwriter, and producer showcases his incredible singing prowess within the well-composed songs. 

Being the lead singer of legendary band The Bar-Kays for almost five decades comes with many perks, including selling millions of records and having numerous gold and platinum records. Larry D brings all of those accolades into his solo venture. The Memphis-native also brings a different style to his previous work, with heavy focus on the original r&b genre by slowing down the pacing, letting each line breath on its own and making the listener feel the expressive love. At the end of the day, Sincerely Yours, Larry D is Larry’s emotional love story and the artist makes sure to take inspiration from his real life relationships and express them through his peppery voice we all adore so much.

The long awaited solo album Sincerely Yours, Larry D is now available for the public so do not miss the chance to listen to one of the most legendary artists and enjoy his incredible art.

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