Speaking About Joint Albums…

Recently, we talked about collaborative efforts shared between EDM labels, and of course, hoped for more considering the high quality achieved by the outcomes; ADE sampler from Intensity & Glow Records being one example. Now, House District and Blasting Recs have teamed up to present a packed Big Room EP, focused on festival weapons from myriads of artists from their respective imprints. This article will be a recap of my thoughts as I wanted to properly commend this brilliant compilation between the two upcoming brands.

Ozgun & Max Aeris – Front To The Back

Brutal commencement from this EP ensures a Rave Room amalgam with Trap-oriented vocals. Electrifyingly high BPM rhythm, exciting build-up and a great use of the vocals; the drop blasts open with psy-trance framework. The next one is more of a tribute to old-school Big Room, and I really appreciate that. Recommended highly, it’s an octane-filled opener!

Barend Rauch & Barlettx – We Are The Future

Ironic as the title gets with its rather dated build-up and drop, the melody would remind of the squeaking Electro House era. The futuristic vocals come off as somewhat generic, saved by the lyrics that are unexpectedly ear-candy. Nevertheless even with its classical approach, the creators surprise with a bombarding Hard-psy drop. Wasn’t expecting that one!

Diley Simon & ICE CREAM – Radical Audio

If the last production’s name sounded sardonic, “Radical Audio” peaks interests. Mysterious aura with a Techno-fitting vocal and a minimal psy-trance drop takes the stage with Big Room lead synths. Diley and ICE creamed (pun intended) an interesting song with a catchy riff, but by this time around, it is foreseeable. Well-used though, thanks to the enigmatic tones from the second explosive drop. Solid idea with a ton of potential!

XanTz – Victorious

Crafting the most calming song of this group, XanTz makes a successful impression. It has a sort of Mainstage Techno sound with lesser elements and catchier vocal. After this mentioned drop, he surprised with an amazing Trap section followed by an euphoric Big Room beat. Loved this kind of twist, and the title is done justice by the skilled execution. No clickbait here!

K3WRO – Bangertown

Moving to “Bangertown” (funny naming honestly), the melody here reflects the titular mood with playful and memorable aspects. The build-up hypes up nicely, with a strange and amusing vocal chop to kickstart the drop that is already energetic, thanks to the teasing groove. K3WRO managed to carve a classic and potent Big Room track with a frisky (and relaxing) settings. Colour me surprised!

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