Sevdaliza & Grimes – “Nothing Lasts Forever”

These days, Grimes mostly seems to appear on this website for reasons related to Elon Musk or to her galaxy-brain tech musings, but she still makes music every once in a while. In the past few months, Grimes has released her solo single “I Wanna Be Software,” and she’s teamed up with the Italian producer Anyma on the song “Welcome To The Opera.” Today, Grimes has a new track with the Iranian-born, Rotterdam-based singer and producer Sevdaliza.

Sevdaliza is Sevda Alizadeh, a former player on the Dutch women’s national basketball team who’s been making idiosyncratic, industrial-influenced pop music for the past few years. On the new track “Nothing Lasts Forever,” Sevdaliza and Grimes sing over a hazy, pulsing rave instrumental. There’s a dramatic contrast between Grimes’ whisper-coo vocals and Sevdaliza’s full-throated howl, and the beat really thumps. In the most dramatic moment, Sevdaliza sings that she’ll rave forever. It’s a good song! Listen below.

“Nothing Lasts Forever” is out now on Twisted Elegance.