Sefa & Dr. Peacock ft. Chrono – Das Boot

88%%Overall Score

• Great adaptation of the OST
• Aggressive and powerful sounds
• Nice amalgam of organic and electronic sounds

I am well aware that my reviews are getting dedicated to Sefa’s creation lately, at the risk of looking somewhat a fanboy, but honestly, I am always highly impressed by this guy’s mindset. In an era where real musicians are on the verge of extinction from the electronic scene, he still manages to merge frenchcore with orchestrations in the most majestic ways. On this occasion, he has banded together with his loyal companion Dr. Peacock and decided to rework Chrono’s “Das Boot”. As you can imagine, the result is astonishing.

Let’s begin by putting this track into context. “Das Boot” is considered one of the best WWII based German war film by many, mainly on how precisely it portrays the harsh and rigorous life inside a tightly enclosed submarine. Beside that its OST, composed by Klaus Doldinger, is perhaps the most iconic soundtrack to be featured on modern cinematography. That essence is also embodied in the tune by Sefa and Dr. Peacock, who mixed the original melody with harder synths and a charming female vocal.

Talking more about the electronic parts, the drops are even more aggressive than what the duo usually puts out. Anyway, they are enjoyable and their usual fans will love it! The harder kick-drums, a heavily distorted lead and the orchestral elements create an immersive experience that is perfectly capable of transporting a listener’s soul into the strenuous insides of a Type VII U-boat.

“Das Boot” is another instance on how great Peacock and Sefa work together. Record after record, they continue elevating the quality in an almost nonsensical fashion, reaching for the next level of perfection. My only nitpick would come from the fact that they are maybe abusing the formula of reusing melodies from other tunes, but hey, at least they are doing it marvelously!

You can listen to “Das Boot” here:

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