Saint Rien’s Meteoric Rise Ignited By Debut Single “Tell The Truth” (Official Music Video)

Los Angeles resident, Australian multi-instrumentalist, singer-songwriter and producer Saint Rien has lately begun his meteoric rise in music, ignited by the release of his politically-charged debut music video, “Tell The Truth.”

This genre-defying song sonically displays a cocktail of nocturnal neo soul, sarcastic alternative, and hip pop provocations. 

The artsy and wonderfully shot music video brings the chaotic messages described by Saint Rien in the lyric, into a visual masterpiece. 

About the message of the song Saint Rien shared: “The message itself is neutral, not necessarily singling out a single party, affiliation or ‘side,’ but more so the whole system. The aim of this video is to be a symbol of the Youth pointing out how broken the whole system is as we’ve unfortunately found out the hard way this year”

Saint Rien’s sultry vocals and authentic instrumentation combine for a really nice groove, and we’re delighted to have received the information that this is just the beginning for Saint Rien. After years as the frontman of the Australian Storm The Sky, the artist took his distance with the band to launch his solo project, with “Tell The Truth” marking the first milestone towards his ultimate goal. As part of the project ‘l’année’ Saint Rien announced he would be dropping one single per month during twelve months. 

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