Remble – “Where’s Remble?”

Over the past couple of years, the young San Pedro rapper Remble, a protege of the late cult hero Drakeo The Ruler, built a serious buzz thanks to a uniquely silly rap style. Remble rapped about street-life exploits, but he over-enunciated every syllable and deployed SAT words, sounding less like his street-rap peers and more like an uncommonly uptight adjunct professor. Memes followed. But Remble didn’t do anything to build on that momentum. Instead, he went silent.

After the addictive 2021 mixtape It’s Remble and the 2022 Lil Yachty collab “Rocc Climbing,” Remble has been mostly inactive for the past year and a half — a very long stretch in viral-rapper time. Remble has showed up here and there. This year, he’s appeared on “RIP Hutch,” a song from BabyTron’s great mixtape Bin Reaper 3: New Testament that also featured Rico Nasty, and he recently joined singer Blxst on his track “child of GOD.” Now, Remble has finally come back with a single of his own. It’s called “Where’s Remble?”

On “Where’s Remble?,” Remble returns to his old style over a dreamlike music-box beat, and it remains extremely entertaining: “Do I have to raise my voice for you to hear me?/ If I didn’t extend my hand, could you feel me?” Notably, Remble does not appear in the song’s video. Instead, the clip takes place at a pool party where balloons spell out the track’s title and various non-Remble people lip-sync the lyrics. Check it out below.

There’s apparently more new Remble music on the way.