NGHTMRE & Zomboy – Shell Shock (feat. Georgia Ku)

88%%Overall Score

• Halloween themed track
• Georgia Ku’s atmospheric performance
• I prefer to not spoil the drop, really, you’ll see it down below…

Dubstep fans are most certainly rejoicing after waiting for this tune so long since its première in Lost Lands. This happens to be an extraordinaire synergy shared between two historical producers from the Dubstep arena: NGHTMRE & Zomboy. This song dropped perfectly in time for the Halloween day with its mysterious and esoteric mood, thanks to Georgia Ku’s performance.

Alright, let’s start. Georgia Ku’s getting the role for the vocalist was an impeccable idea, as her voice does a heartfelt and passionate work in livening the instrumental (would apply to any genre or style, honestly). The veteran producers made solid decisions with the schematics, as the build-up comes off naturally and doesn’t extend its welcome long enough to be tiresome.

Discussing about the drops would be a shame, as the brutal change in pace and rhythm is not worth being spoiled. The only thing I would reveal here would be the knowing the creators involved, this segments are nothing short of brutally neck-breaking. The second one focuses more on the kicks than the melody, perhaps the best ending suitable for “Shell Shock”.

Halloween may be over by the time this article comes out, but I am sure this production will provide us those spooky vibes for the next couple of months. This comeback for Zomboy and NGHTMRE have kept the fans anxious for their next performance, as they are incredibly talented in the bass scene. Another future team-up needs to happen, if this is the level of quality we are going to get with their creativity bundled together.

You can listen to “Shell Shock” here:

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