75%%Overall Score

• Wobbly dubstep with arcade sounds
• Simple execution, effective result
• Last release on NSD

If you’re one of the beloved dubstep admirers, I am sure MUST DIE! needs no introduction. For the uninitiated, this is a producer who has become one of NSD’s pillars and is perhaps best known for the album “Crisis Vision”, where he intertwined different genres into his classic dubstep sound.

This time, he brought out similar glitching sounds, although more relaxed than usual and showing an inclination toward “videogame” aesthetics. “ANGELWARE” is his latest work that puts together more danceable sounds into a wobbling and melodic tune. The overused vocals don’t become stale in their presence, while the rhythm doesn’t complicate and holds effectiveness; it is catchy, and this wobbly/vomit strain of dubstep is turning into a trend lately.

Though this wouldn’t be the best or the worst that the American producer has offered, it does better than usual. It is memorable, as the alias shows his creativeness by affirming it is indeed right up his alley.

“ANGELWARE” comes off as a satisfying conclusion for the well-reputed London-based label, and MUST DIE! took this opportunity to resonate the visions of the imprint one last time. Not an instant classic, but surely it will find its way to various gigs and performances over the course of this summer.

You can listen to “ANGELWARE” here:

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