Lande Hekt – “Axis”

A few weeks ago, Muncie Girls leader Lande Hekt followed her 2022 solo album House Without A View by releasing a really good new song called “Pottery Class.” That was the A-side from a new 7″ single. Today, the 7″ arrives, and we get to hear the B-side. It might be even better than “Pottery Class.”

Hekt’s new song “Axis” is an utterly gorgeous piece of dream-pop that’s all about feeling down and discouraged: “When I list off all my friends, it makes me feel worse ‘cause it makes no sense/ I feel lonely, forgotten/ That’s not how I should feel.” That’s some heavy sentiment, Hekt’s voice and gauzy guitars make all that sadness feel comforting. Listen below.

“Pottery Class” b/w “Axis” is out now on Get Better Records.