Johnning – What The Hell

81%%Overall Score

• Lean structure, plenty fun
• Catchy vocals, a great fit with the guitars
• Unexpected finale

Being a veteran of the NCS roster, Johnning has made a mark in the independent channel’s catalogue for over half-a-decade! He’s a talented singer, endowed with a warm voice that merges well in an energetic Progressive House performance trending at that time, while over the years he has evolved into a more soulful branch of radio-ready pop style.

Sometimes though, as it happened in “Don’t Want U Back” (feat. ÈWN & whogaux), Future Bass got into the bespoke nordic artist’s heart, leading to amazing results. Hell, there’s even a collaboration with Culture Code and Kris Maydak released via our friendly amigos over at Cell Recordings!

This year began with a new release on NCS, titled “What The Hell”, where the author takes a more passionate approach than usual. The guitar in the breakdown builds up to quite a climax, to the point I felt slightly anxious, ready to face the unleashed forces of the drop. Despite adopting a simpler formula, it is tremendously effective I must say!

The said record features a melodic enriched Trap drop with abundant Future Bass influences in the section, and that guitar makes the job just… smack right! Combination of these and Johnning’s voice makes up for a gorgeous tune for the upcoming spring time.

80+ maybe a tad too much for a song with such uncomplicated assembly, but “What The Hell”, I liked it!

You can listen to “What The Hell” here:

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