Jay Worthy & Roc Marciano – “Underground Legend” (Feat. Bun B)

Is Jay Worthy really an underground legend? It probably depends on your definition. The LA-based rapper, who happens to be Grimes’ stepbrother, has been making underground rap for a long time, both as a solo artist and as a member of groups like LNDN DRGS and G-Worthy. He’s put in the work, and if he wants to call himself an underground legend, I won’t argue.

The Long Island rapper and producer Roc Marciano, on the other hand, is definitely an underground legend; he might be the single greatest influence on the past decade of indie-rap. Last year, Roc Mari and the Alchemist released The Elephant Man’s Bones, one of the year’s best albums. That was Roc rapping over Alchemist beats, but Roc has also produced entire LPs for rappers like Stove God Cooks and Flee Lord. Next month, Jay Worthy will release Nothing Bigger Than The Program, a new album produced entirely by Roc Marciano.

The first single from Nothing Bigger Than The Program is called “Underground Legend,” and it features an Underground King. Over a hazy and psychedelic Roc Marciano beat, Jay Worthy and guest Bun B go to work. That beat seems to wake up something deep within Bun B; he goes off on this thing. Listen below.

Nothing Bigger Than The Program is out 5/26 on GDF Records/Marci Enterprises/EMPIRE.