Ice-T Calls Lenny Kravitz’s Nine Years of Celibacy “Weirdo Sh-t”

Ice-T can’t relate to Lenny Kravitz’s apparent decision to go celibate for nearly a decade, describing it as “weirdo shit.”

In a recent interview with The Guardian, Kravitz revealed he hasn’t been in a serious relationship for nine years and confirmed his intention to remain celibate until he meets the right woman. “It’s a spiritual thing,” he explained.

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Many outlets have interpreted this as meaning Kravitz has been celibate for nine years, though the artist isn’t quoted in the story saying as much.

After Ice-T caught wind of the revelation, he posted a string of incredulous tweets expressing his inability to process the idea of voluntarily giving up sex for that long.

“9yrs without Sex?” Ice-T began. “F that BS. Weirdo shit.” When someone pointed out Kravitz is on “his own journey,” Ice-T responded, “F that Journey.”

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He went on to say any guy who “can voluntarily go 9yrs without sex” was “following the wrong page,” adding, “Shit’s Weird to me….. I love to Fuck. A lot.”

Sexual activity aside, Ice-T and Kravitz remain busy with their music careers. Ice-T recently sat down with Consequence to break down “Psychopath,” a preview of Body Count’s upcoming album, Merciless, which they are about to promote with a summer European tour (get tickets here) and an appearance at Sacramento’s Aftershock Festival this October.


Meanwhile, Kravitz will also be promoting his new album, Blue Electric Light, with a European run of his own (tickets here) and a brief residency at Las Vegas’ Park MGM this fall.