Ice Spice Shares Like..? Deluxe Edition With Four New Tracks

On Wednesday, Ice Spice revealed that she’d be releasing the deluxe version of her debut EP Like..? this week. In addition to the original tracklist, it’ll feature four new songs, including “How High?,” “Butterfly Ku,” “On The Radar” (in collaboration with executive producer RIOTUSA), and “Deli,” which she’d previously teased on TikTok. The deluxe EP is out now, and a video for “Deli” will be out later on Friday.

In a recent interview with Apple Music 1, Spice talked about having Nicki Minaj and Drake as her mentors. (In addition to their Barbie movie collab, Minaj memorably appeared on the EP’s “Princess Diana” remix, which dropped in April.)

I feel like I am absorbing advice from [Nicki] and learning from her and stuff. And she’ll tell me, “Learn from my mistake, do this or don’t do that,” or whatever. And I just really pay attention to what she’s saying. Because if there’s anyone I’m going to listen to it’s the queen.

Ice added of Drake’s “coach vibes”:

We talk all the time and we’re always just laughing about some things that go on. And I’ll ask him, “What should I do with this? Or how’d you go about this? Or did you ever experience that?” And he’ll… I’m not going to give real examples, but- … he’ll tell me, “I did this and you should do that too, because you can.” And I’ll be like, “You’re right. Period. I’m going to do that.” It’s like coach vibes.

Listen to the deluxe version of Like..? below.