Hurry – “Parallel Haunting”

Power-poppin’ Philadelphia combo Hurry have a new album called Don’t Look Back on the way. They shared lead single “Beggin’ For You” in June, and now there’s another one. “Parallel Haunting” jangles along through dreamy environs, with Matt Scottoline’s gentle tenor leading the way and some lovely horns carrying us home.

He offered this statement on the track:

It’s kind of a gently vindictive song. Remembering someone, remembering a life, and having that memory kind of reverberate around you all the time and feel like a ghost that haunts you. But then flipping that notion, and hoping maybe the inverse is also true, and without any effort you’re maybe haunting them back. This was the first song written for the album, and it served as a statement of purpose in some ways. It’s a really stripped down arrangement compared to most of our previous stuff. There’s a really nice horn arrangement that I think adds a lot of feeling. The vocal is pretty mellow. Definitely was channeling a bit of Evan Dando. Overall I think it sets the tone for the record as a whole, or at least how intentional I was at trying new vibes.

Listen below.

Don’t Look Back is out 8/11 via Lame-O.