Cady’s Forged From The Sun Is So Violently Heavy You’ll Feel Like A Building Collapsed On You (In A Good Way)

Cady are an emoviolence band from the UK who’ve kicked out a lot of music over the past decade, but never a full-length album until today. Forged From The Sun, the group’s first LP, is relentlessly intense, bringing a lo-fi death metal brutality to the requisite swirl of post-hardcore drama. The album immediately engulfs you in fire, its instrumental assault matched by vocals that range from hoarse demonic bellows to barely-holding-on screams. Despite the near-constant pounding heaviness, Cady have a strong sense of dynamics and a versatile approach to rhythm and tempo; the songs often go from loud to louder and back, with rad riffs strewn throughout. Listen below.

Forged From The Sun is out now on Boslevan/Middle-Man.