Hear New Record Setter, Frail Body, & Amitié Songs From The Massive Screamo Comp Balladeers, Redefined

Balladeers, Redefined is a new compilation of screamo and screamo-adjacent bands from Secret Voice, the Los Angeles record label run by Touché Amoré’s Jeremy Bolm and distributed by Deathwish. Comprising 31 all-new tracks, the comp ranges from veterans like Jeromes Dream and the Pg. 99 offshoot Terminal Bliss to relative newcomers like Soul Glo, Infant Island, For Your Health, Closer, Nuvolascura, and so many more. It seems like a tremendous overview of the current screamo landscape.

A statement on the project:

Word of mouth can be a powerful thing. Featuring new and unreleased tracks “Balladeers, Redefined” was originally going to be a small handful of bands but before long we found ourselves with 30+ who were all bringing their originality and brilliance to a genre held special by those who’ve found it. Every band recommended another band. The DIY network behind screamo and scream-adjacent indie or hardcore is like few others and that alone is a wonderful inspiration. This compilation brings together bands from all over, older and newer. From bands comprised of musicians who’ve been spearheading the sound like Jeromes Dream, Zeta, Hundreds of AU (members of You and I), Nø Man (members of Majority Rule) and Terminal Bliss (members of Pg.99) to younger bands like Soul Glo, Record Setter, Infant Island, Boneflower, For Your Health, Slow Fire Pistol, Nuvolascura, Frail Body, Gillian Carter, Thirdface, Senza, Massa Nera, and many more.

Three songs from Balladeers, Redefined are out today: Record Setter’s “Outdated Wallpaper,” Frail Body’s “Titus,” and Amitié’s “I Blame You.” All three are ferocious, and you can hear them below.

01 Nuvolascura – “Myriad”
02 Hundreds Of Au – “New Arsenals”
03 Record Setter – “Outdated Wallpaper”
04 Massa Nera – “Fractures”
05 Hawak – “Newmoon”
06 Thirdface – “Trap Revealed”
07 Closer – “Lake Of Shells”
08 Frail Body – “Titus”
09 Nø Man – “Can’t Kill Us All”
10 Coma Regalia – “FloorFourSeven”
11 For Your Health – “Twenty Dollar Enucleation (Love Is Blind)”
12 Amitié – “I Blame You”
13 Elle – “Whelm”
14 Heavenly Blue – “Certain Distance”
15 Meth – Blind Animal”
16 Soul Glo – “Cum To Play”
17 Jeromes Dream – “Reminders To Parallel”
18 Boneflower – “Pyrrhic Victories”
19 Gillian Carter – “Bastard Of Light”
20 Lord Snow – “In Between”
21 Joliette – “Pilates Con Poncio”
22 Carrion Spring – “Supervisionary”
23 Zeta – “Cascabel”
24 Frail Hands – “Reprieve
25 Slow Fire Pistol – “Stolen”
26 Crowning – “Artifice”
27 Senza – “Due Glutton”
28 Eyelet – “Cinders”
29 Terminal Bliss – “Trapped In A Snow Globe”
30 Hazing Over – “2022”
31 Infant Island – “Aurora”

Balladeers, Redefined is out 7/14 on Secret Voice. Pre-order it here.