Hear Mariah Carey’s Previously Unreleased “Workin’ Hard” From Music Box 30th Anniversary Edition

On August 31, Mariah Carey started teasing the 30th anniversary of her studio album, Music Box. “Wind it up! It’s the anniversary of MUSIC BOX! A whopping whole 30 minutes since the album was first released,” Carey wrote on Twitter. “I’ll never forget creating this record, fully immersing myself in the music that would change my life and connect me with YOU, the lambily, in a way that bonded us forever.” Yesterday, Carey shared the three-disc tracklist, and today she announced plans to share an unreleased track produced by C+C (plus a remix) called “Workin’ Hard.”

“Coming at you from the vault!!!! WORKIN’ HARD,” Carey tweeted earlier today. “I can’t believe we discovered this unreleased track I worked on with the amazing C+C (Cole and Clivillés) for the Music Box album TONIGHT you get to hear it (& a new Terry Hunter remix) for the first time on #MusicBox30. OUT AT MIDNIGHT!!!!”

Listen to “Workin’ Hard,” and stream all of Mariah Carey’s Music Box (30th Anniversary Edition).

Disc One – Music Box (Original)
01 “Dreamlover”
02 “Hero”
03 “Anytime You Need A Friend”
04 “Music Box”
05 “Now That I Know”
06 “Never Forget You”
07 “Without You”
08 “Just To Hold You Once Again”
09 “I’ve Been Thinking About You”
10 “All I’ve Ever Wanted”
11 “Everything Fades Away”

Disc Two – Bonus Tracks
01 “All I Live For” (Extended Version)
02 “Endless Love” (duet with Luther Vandross)
03 “Do You Think Of Me”
04 “Workin’ Hard”
05 “My Prayer”
06 “Hero” (2009 Version)
07 “Anytime You Need A Friend” (Extended Mix)
08 “Music Box” (A capella)
09 “Dreamlover” (Live from Top of the Pops)
10 “Without You” (Live from Top of the Pops)
11 “Dreamlover” (Def Club Mix)
12 “Anytime You Need A Friend” (C&C Club Version)
13 “Anytime You Need A Friend” (Soul Convention Remix)
14 “I’ve Been Thinking About You” (Terry Hunter Remix)
15 “Workin’ Hard” (Terry Hunter Remix)

Disc Three – Live at Proctor’s Theater, NY – 1993
01 “Emotions”
02 “Hero”
03 “Someday”
04 “Without You”
05 “Make It Happen”
06 “Dreamlover”
07 “Love Takes Time”
08 “Anytime You Need a Friend”
09 “Vision Of Love”
10 “I’ll Be There” (Feat. Trey Lorenz)


Music Box (30th Anniversary Edition) is out now via Columbia Records.