Final Gasp – “Climax Infinity”

Boston rock monsters Final Gasp came up through their hometown’s hardcore scene, but their take on the genre is full of slowed-down metal riffage and glassy, gothic keyboard lines. On their early records, the band sounded a whole lot like Glenn Danzig’s old punk-metal group Samhain. Now, Final Gasp are newly signed to Relapse and getting ready to release their LP Mourning Mood, and their sound has grown more brooding and sophisticated. We’ve already posted the title track, and now Final Gasp have followed that one with the new rager “Climax Infinity.”

“Climax Infinity” seethes and simmers, and it’s built on a riff that could crumble temples. The band shot the video at their tour opener at Cambridge’s Middle East, and it shows that the band’s live show has become significantly less theatrical and gimmicky. (When I saw them last year, all the Final Gasp guys came out shirtless, covered in fake blood. It was awesome.)

In a press release, frontman Jake Murphy says, “Lyrically, it’s all about dealing with the things you can’t control, whether good or bad. We’re all put in situations where we know what the outcome will be but you’re hoping for something else.” Check out the video below.

Mourning Moon is out 9/22 on Relapse. Pre-order it here.