Colin Miller – “Don’t Love You No More”

If the name Colin Miller sounds familiar, you have probably spent a not-negligible amount of time looking at the credits for other Asheville luminaries like MJ Lenderman (Miller helped engineer and produce last year’s Boat Songs), Wednesday (same for I Was Trying To Describe You To Someone), and Indigo De Souza (2018’s I Love My Mom). Miller also makes music on his own, and he’s racked up a decent amount of material over the past few years, mostly one-offs and shorter home-recorded affairs.

Today, Miller is announcing his full-length debut, Haw Creek, named after the Asheville neighborhood where he lives. Lead single “Don’t Love You No More” is an insular shuffle, a little Hovvdy-esque in its execution, its earwormy central refrain repeated around a whirring, constantly shifting sonic environment. Check it out below.

01 “Sweetheartmetalbaby”
02 “Don’t Love You No More”
03 “Never Wanna”
04 “Paper Roof”
05 “Just To Be Around You”
06 “Gap”
07 “Off The Mountain”
08 “If Yer Dreamin”
09 “Fallin”
10 “Nosebleeds”

Haw Creek is out 9/29 via Ruination Record Co.