DJ Seinfeld & Confidence Man – “Now U Do”

This one’s a heater! DJ Seinfeld, aka Swedish producer Armand Jakobsson, has teamed with the Melbourne dance duo Confidence Man on an absolutely stupendous summer jam called “Now U Do.” Set to a relentless 4/4 pound that still manages to feel aerodynamic and understated, the song is built around a vocal hook I probably will not shake all weekend: “You never used to listen, now you do/ I can tell you anything I like.” I can imagine myself repeating it many more times before the end of the day.

A word from Mr. Seinfeld:

I had hung out with Confidence Man a couple of times and always had an absolute blast, so last time I was in Melbourne we just went into the studio and it was really just more fun. I showed them a bunch of stuff that I was working on and they instantly reacted to the track that became “Now U Do.”

I don’t think it took more than a few hours before the track and vocals were ironed out. We were all bouncing around and enjoying it in their studio so I’ve just had this really giddy-up feeling about it ever since.

I have a giddy-up feeling about it too. Listen below.

“Now U Do” is out now on Ninja Tune.