Bingo Players – Nightshift (feat. Tania Foster)

70%%Overall Score

• Simpler approach, joyful outcome
• Great vocal delivery
• Signature touch on percussions

Not being in the leagues of the greatest admirers of the duo Bingo Players, I didn’t keep a track of them since “Knock You Out” (2014). Thereafter, the focus of the now single project (R.I.P. Paul) has been towards Tech and Bass House, which are not up to my usual preferences; the only relevant event in my personal notes is the discovery of Oomloud, thanks to several collaborations involving the Dutch duo.

So, after a long time I am back in square one, talking about the Dutch historical figure responsible for belters such as “Rattle”, “Knock You Out” (personal favorite) and “Cry”. “Nightshift”, featuring Tania Foster, picks up the joyous vibe I wasn’t hearing much in the recent years in classic Piano House salsa, and the result is.. predictable, yet enjoyable.

It’s standardized Piano House, something that Heldens, Lucas & Steve and other similar figures have happily influxed the market with, although I still feel that Bingo Players’ touch in the percussion is particularly present, which is more dynamic than expected. Some parts are an homage to earlier Deep House, especially during the first drop. The real star here, however, is Tania, who works stupendously with her funky vocal, lending tons and tons of energy to the schematic! Further, the instrumental presents the right dose of adrenaline, and if I was a bored employee serving a mundane night, this would certainly be right up my alley because of the danceable and cheerful atmosphere attached to this record.

Even though relying on a simpler structure, “Nightshift” is a joyful tune that can make that stifling blue Monday feel lighter. I appreciate Bingo Players experimenting with Piano House if the outcome carries this much fun factor throughout.

You can listen to “Nightshift” here:

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