ALL HANDS_MAKE LIGHT – “The Sons And Daughters Of Poor Eternal”

How do you guys feel about the caps-lock thing? I can’t fucking stand it. Drives me nuts. It’s hard to stand out on a festival poster, but anytime a new band comes in with all-caps everything, I’m inclined to edit all their copy. But I make allowances. You can earn all-caps status. If you’re MF DOOM and you literally have a song called “All Caps,” then sure, you win. If it’s clearly a stylistic choice and you’ve proven yourselves in the world, then I’m with it. ALL HANDS_MAKE LIGHT are a new band, but they’ve proven themselves.

ALL HANDS_MAKE LIGHT is the duo of Efrim Manuel Menuck, from Godspeed You! Black Emperor and Thee Silver Mt. Zion, and Ariel Engle, from Broken Social Scene and La Force. They’ll release their debut album Darling The Dawn next week, and we’ve already posted the massive 10-minute first single “We Live On A Fucking Planet And Baby That’s The Sun.” Today, ALL HANDS_MAKE LIGHT have dropped another vast opus.

“The Sons And Daughters Of Poor Eternal” stretches over nine and a half minutes, and its slow and synthy drone builds slowly without ever losing its way. Ariel Engle sings lyrics written by Efrim Manuel Menuck, and the song just keeps rising and rising. It’s all kinds of pretty, and you can hear it below.

Darling The Dawn is out 4/21 on Constellation. Pre-order it here.