Alienator – “Senseless Violence”

With their 2022 demo, Portland hardcore band Alienator caught the attention of Denver’s essential Convulse Records. Now Convulse is releasing an Alienator 7″. The four-song EP World Of Hate is coming in just a few weeks, and today they’ve shared its opening track. “Senseless Violence” brings a raw edge to straightahead hardcore, spiking it with livewire lead guitar out of the crossover thrash tradition. It sounds like it could have been released in 1985, but it feels as urgent and right-here right-now oh-shit this-rules as you could hope. Listen below.

01 “Senseless Violence”
02 “I’m Nothing”
03 “World Of Hate”
04 “Social Disease”

World Of Hate is out 7/7 on Convulse.