Adam Miller – “Illusion Pool” & “Everybody’s Been Burned” (The Byrds Cover)

Last year, Adam Miller (formerly of Chromatics) released an instrumental album, Gateway. Today, he’s announced an EP, Illusion Pool, which Miller sings on, as evidenced by its soaring and dreamy lead single and title track, out now.

“As I was working on Gateway, I had reached a point where I never wanted to write or hear music with vocals or drums ever again, but little by little every time I picked up my guitar, melodies, little bits of songs, and lyrics would keep on revealing themselves to me,” Miller said in a statement, continuing:

It’s been invigorating to revisit these sketches from over the years. In the past, whenever I hit a wall with something, I would usually drop the idea and forget about it, but I’ve loved being able to pick up these ideas from where I left them with a completely different perspective. When I sang on Chromatics songs, I hated my voice. I would endlessly explore ways in which I could mask it behind a fortress of effects. But over the past few years, I’ve finally learned to embrace my natural voice. It’s as if my fear of my voice vanished over the past few years. Now it feels exhilarating to be so exposed.

In addition to “Illusion Pool,” Miller is also sharing another track from the EP, a cover of the Byrds’ “Everybody’s Been Burned.” Miller recorded the Illusion Pool EP with producer Mikal Oor, and both the title track and the Byrds cover the Cure’s Lol Tolhurst on drums.

Listen to both below.

01 “Illusion Pool”
02 “Everybody’s Been Burned”
03 “Camera”
04 “Blood On The Moon”
05 “Vincent”

The Illusion Pool EP is out 11/10.