Mix Of The Day: Saint Abdullah

Saint Abdullah put together a haunting, cathartic and beautiful all-originals set that ranges from tranquil to noisy.

The Brooklyn-based Iranian duo provide a note:

For you as you listen—

The first sample is about a woman who is talking about her friend who is being hanged soon, and there’s nothing she could do to save her

The second sample is from a doc that captures life in a kids school in Tehran, shot in 2009 during the green movement. One of the pupils at the school is telling her teacher about how the night before, her parents were arrested, with these scary men coming to the door to take her father away. The child thinks it’s because her father said “allahu akbar”, and so she’s asking, “is it a bad thing to say allahu akbar?” and the teacher says, “no, it just means god is big, god is great, no, it’s not a bad thing”