Hipster Conspiracy Tells Her Insane Story On First Album LP Dysphoria

Hipster Conspiracy is a transgender artist who has released a sublime new album, her first LP, Dysphoria. She tells her insane story and more throughout the eleven songs listed on the record, with a totally honest approach and musical experiments that display her dazzling technique as a multi-instrumentalist, singer-songwriter, and producer. The saxophone is particularly beautiful on the “Dysphoria” opening-up the track in a jazzy chill-out vibe that will surely mark listeners’ minds, before Hipster Conspiracy throws in her ethereal vocals. 

“Ghosted” is one of our favourite songs on Dysphoria, and comes with Hipster Conspiracy flawless rapping lines blended with a melodic chorus over an electronic production. 

“Sick” is a powerful track about mental illness, in which the skilled songwriter shares her story with this issue, poetically and with full confidence. 

Overall, Dysphoria is one of the most powerful Hip-Hop cross genre albums we have come across this year, while waiting for Hipster Conspiracy to drop new music!