Hausu Mountain announces new album from Angel Marcloid's Nonlocal Forecast project

The next album from Nonlocal Forecast comes out on October 30th via Hausu Mountain.

Nonlocal Forecast is the jazz fusion-inspired project from Angel Marcloid, a Chicago musician who also makes experimental electronic music under the name Fire-Toolz (among many other aliases). Following on from last year’s Bubble Universe album, Holographic Universe(s!)? takes the Weather Report-informed style of jazz fusion to a more exploratory and freeform place, according to the label.

The album’s title references the Holographic Principle, a branch of string theory that purports that our three-dimensional reality is actually virtual reality written on a two-dimensional plane. The plural and question mark in the title also hint at the Multiverse Theory and Many Universe Theory, as a nod to the many musical worlds of Marcloid and how they mix and interact with each other. (Holographic Universe(s!)? features an appearance from Fire-Toolz.)

This past May, Marcloid released her most recent Fire-Toolz LP, Rainbow Bridge, also on Hausu Mountain.

Listen to “Imprinted, Encoded, Shone (Emergence).”