Gavsborg releases new EP, Jamaican Drum Machine, on Equiknoxx Music

Equiknoxx Music‘s Gavsborg has a new EP out now.

On Jamaican Drum Machine, which does not refer to “any specific machine or instrument, but [is] more about a feeling that Jamaica delivers to him,” Gavsborg leans into his “fondness for Jamaican experimental music,” according to the Bandcamp description. It features five new tracks that sit in “his safe space, his own canopy of 90 BPM—give or take 10 BPM each side.”

This is the Kingston-based producer’s latest record on the Jamaican label, following Quality Time Sound System and Kevin From The Ivory Coast, as well as turns producing for collective member Shanique Marie on “Freak” and “Ring The Alarm.”

Listen to the EP.

01. Julie Mango Appreciation Tweet

02. Bees Love Ackee More Than Dogs
03. Unexplainable Dog Hair In My Hair Oil
04. Please Forgive Me For Sampling Shanique’s Song

05. Don’t Walk Away From Me Jamaica

Jamaican Drum Machine is out now.

Photo credit: Kadeem Montgomery