Bicep will host an audiovisual live performance via stream next month

Bicep will hold a live performance via stream next month.

Since many of the UK duo’s headlining live performances were cancelled this year due to the coronavirus pandemic, they’re giving fans the opportunity to experience an audiovisual set from the safety of their homes.

With visuals by Black Box Echo, Bicep will play a mix of past and unreleased material via stream on Friday, September 11th. Global broadcast times are: 9:30 PM BST, 10:30 PM CEST, 9:30 PM PDT, 9:30 PM EDT and 9:30 PM AEST.

In March, Bicep released “Atlas,” their first single since 2018.

Watch a teaser for the stream.

Here’s Bicep’s 2018 live show at London superclub Printworks in full.