The Strokes discuss Queen, the US election and more in latest Zoom chat

The Strokes have shared a new episode of their ongoing online video series.

Beginning earlier this month, episodes of Five Guys Talking About Things They Know Nothing About see all five members of The Strokes engage in a wide-ranging chat over Zoom, like a “private radio show thing” in the band’s words.

“We wanted to see if we could connect with folks, and turned what was supposed to be a pirate radio thing for our album release (which we would make in-person) into a video chat instead… In light of everything that’s been happening, we hope this distracts you during your quarantine,” the band said of the ongoing series, and the new, third episode sees the band discuss Queen, Guided By Voices, the upcoming US election and more.

“In this episode of 5guys,” the YouTube description for the episode reads, “5 guys talk about an emerging artist’s discovered at Brooklyn’s Elsewhere bar slash venue, a band that should be as big as Queen but are not, the actual band Queen, Vanilla Ice (briefly), Playing ‘Guided by Voices’ on repeat, Bernie, Biden and other things including a real Orangutan and also a robotic Orangutan. Please Enjoy.”

Strokes frontman Julian Casablancas shared his belief this week that it’s not the “universal duty” of artists to take a political stand. The band supported Bernie Sanders in the Democratic nominee race, performing at a Sanders rally in New Hampshire back in February, and Casablancas said: “I think politics is a different beast. To me, art is an escape [from] the absurdity of life. People are seeking to run away from the negative things and kind of find inspiration.”

The band released new album ‘The New Abnormal’ earlier this month, their first new full-length in seven years. A four-star NME review of ‘The New Abnormal’ called it “proof that they’re still the best riff-makers around,” adding: “The Strokes have always kept their feelings at arm’s length, but there are traces of deeper introspection on their sixth album, which – despite itself – is something of a crowd-pleaser.”