Imisc And J.O.Y Surprise Fans With New Release “Dancing Baby”

The new dance, E.D.M. hit track “Dancing Baby,” from renowned Munich-based producer Imisc featuring a talented artist named J.O.Y. is a perfect collaboration between two professionals and two enthusiasts of the genre who do everything to make it more accessible and close to heart for the audience. J.O.Y.’s R&B native vocals give a smooth and sensual vibe to the track, making it even more intimate. The track is so groovy and filled with so much edginess that it will soon become the inseparable part of any cool party. “Dancing Baby” is emotionally chaotic and, at the same time, fulfilling. It tells the tale of unrequited love leading to a dance. In some parts symbolic, some parts philosophical, and some parts just beautiful, this track will grab your attention from the very first tunes, so be prepared to vibe hard.