Porter Robinson Closes Secret Sky Festival Set with New Song [MUST LISTEN]

Porter Robinson‘s incredible Secret Sky Festival took place last night — not in person as his Second Sky concept was originally imagined, but online.

To top off 14 hours of music, the producer threw down what’s likely to be one of his only proper set of 2020, given the current pandemic. Complete with emotional mashups and edits (that Porter Robinson x Avril Lavigne – Language x I’m With You moment though), as well as new and old fan favorites from “Something Comforting” to “Shelter” to “Divinity” and everything in between, his set hit just right.

But the real cherry on top was most definitely the premiere of this new production, “Look at the Sky.” Not only is the song a moving Porter Robinson original, it’s a reminder for us to appreciate what we have in the moment and look ahead to brighter days. Listening back, our hearts are so full.

The producer ended it all with a message: “thank you secret sky. second sky will be back, promise. love you and thank you so much, -porter”

Porter Robinson – Look at the Sky