ZULI releases next volume in Boomkat's Documenting Sound tape series

ZULI has released a tape in Boomkat‘s Documenting Sound series.

One features two long-form recordings composed of sketches of new tracks, clips of jam sessions and field recordings of his home city Cairo under lockdown, including a recording of a call to the COVID-19 hotline.

“For side B I placed a field recorder by the window of my studio while jamming so that the music and street sounds were recorded simultaneously,” ZULI explains. “The music on this side isn’t entirely in the spotlight, but rather part of the environment.”

The new tape follows the 2018 release of his album Terminal and the Trigger Finger Remixes collection on Haunter earlier this year.

Listen to excerpts over at Boomkat.

01. Side A

02. Side B

One is out now via Boomkat Editions.