Yucky Duster – “Grump”Yucky Duster – “Grump”

Yucky Duster were a band, and a pretty darn good one at that. They broke up in 2018 after releasing a self-titled album and the Duster’s Lament EP. They made wry and silly and hooky rock songs that never took themselves too seriously but still landed with pathos. And good news for Yucky Duster fans everywhere: Yucky Duster is not totally done yet.

Today, the band is announcing Yucky Duster III, a posthumous full-length album that will be out next month. They’re introducing it with “Grump,” which was recorded in December 2017 and revisited earlier this year. Naturally, it picks right back up where the band left off — clean and crisp and with a roiling, seasick melody that sounds like some twisted schoolyard chant. “Don’t call me a grump, ’cause I must be first to admit it/ You told me I stunk, but then you said ‘delicate flower,’” go its opening lines.

Watch the track’s music video, which was directed by Rachel Walden and edited by the band’s own Luca Balser of Gummy Films, below.

01 “Johnny”
02 “Grump”
03 “Big Boys”
04 “Lamp”
05 “Mermaid”
06 “Where I’ll Be”
07 “Shoes”
08 “This Is No Time”
09 “Very Good Day”

Yucky Duster III is out in November.