Yamaneko announces sequel to Spa Commissions

Yamaneko is releasing the sequel to his Spa Commissions album.

Spa Commissions 2 continues the themes of the first LP, which compiled “relaxation pieces” Joe Moynihan composed for a European spa in 2017. Local Action will release the two albums in a double-cassette package on May 7th—the first time Spa Commissions will get a physical release.

Yamaneko released his fourth LP, Spirals Heaven Wide, on Local Action in November last year.

Listen to “Shaped Like Kaleidoscopes.”

01. Flicker Like Jewels

02. Armaine’s Song

03. Celestial Embrace

04. Shaped Like Kaleidoscopes
05. Spiral Cloud Passage

06. Tripel Karmeliet

07. Windflower

08. Mt. Fløya Any%

Local Action will release Spa Commissions 2 on May 7th, 2020.